Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Artsy Blog Hop - Part 2

The above image has been especially created for the 'artsy blog hop around the world’ by Minerva Levinston, who invited me to participate.

What is an artsy blog hop?

Artists from all around the world give answers to the following 4 questions:

  • 1.      How does my creative process work?

  • 2.      How does my work differ from others of its genre?

  • 3.      What am I working on now?

  • 4.      Why do you do what you do?

You are invited by an artist from another blog to participate.  You then post your answers on your own blog on a nominated date and then invite other artists to participate and link to their blog, where they will post their answers on their blog a week later, and so on.

Last week I posted my answers on my blog here.

The week before Minerva posted her answers on her blog here.

Today I like to introduce you to 2 artists that I am linking to:

  • ·        Denise from Denthe

Iris and Denise both come from Dutch speaking heritage, just like me.
Iris originally comes from Holland, now living in the UK.  And Denise comes from Belgium, now living in Queensland, Australia, just like me. 
I am so excited to have met two Nederlands (Dutch) speaking artists in the online art community.  I met Iris through this artsy blog hop and I met Denise last year participating in Art Every Day Month.

Iris is a mixed media artist who creates very cute whimsical girls.  She has recently created a free 20 page inspirational guide and is now regularly posting little videos, in which she shows the creative process as mentioned in her guide.

Denise creates stunning colourful art which is vibrant and happy.  Her paintings feature geometrical shapes inter-weaved with images of humans and birds mainly.  She also loves poetry, which she often combines with her pieces of art. 

Both artists absolutely live and breathe creating art and spend every spare time they can find, creating at their art table.

Please take your time to go and visit the blogs of these creative souls, and read what inspires them to create and the processes they go through, all explained in their post: Around the world Artsy blog hop.

To visit Iris click here.
To visit Denise click here.
To visit Minerva click here.

I like to finish my post today with showing you a page from my art journal:


  1. Hi Angelique! Thanks so much for your long and interesting comment on my post. I really enjoyed this bloghop and reading the answers of other participating artists. I added the image of Minerva to my post, it's cute and says it all :-) Love the big eyes of your journalgirl, and her "vurig" hair ....

  2. Hey that's awesome that we're all originally Dutch speaking gals! Thanks for introducing me to Denthe, I'm checking out her website and wonderful art right now! Thank you also for your lovely and kind words about me =) =) smiling big over here!!

  3. Dear Denise and Iris, thank you so much for playing along with me in this blog hop. Hope you got as much out of it, as I did. I really enjoyed getting to know you both better through this blog hop.