Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mermaid Circus

Jane Davenport is one of my favourite artists.  In the past I have done her following classes:
'Draw Happy' and 'Supplies Me'.
'Draw Happy' is a great course for beginners and 'Supplies Me' is a great follow up where you learn about all the different art materials and how to use them.  Through her courses she explains very well how to draw faces.  This is how I fell in love with drawing faces.  Especially whimsical faces.  I also really enjoyed her video: 'The whimsical face' filmed with Cloth Paper Scissors.

Her workshop Mermaid Circus opens 8 September, created with Teesha Moore.
If you like to find out what this course is about and also like to enter in her give away to win an entry to the course, head on over to her website here.

I would love to win an entry to this course.  Having done some of her courses previously I can highly recommend them.  They are a lot of fun.  Good luck to all who enter.

I like to finish this blog post for today with one of my latest face drawings:

 Reach for the stars and colour your world

 Happy drawing.