Thursday, June 5, 2014

Creating again

Hi Everyone
I am back again.  I have not been creating for a while since the end of last year.  Christmas cards were my last creations.  Then I went overseas for a while and since I have been back I have been too busy with work to give myself time to create.  I find once you have not done any creating for a while it is hard to get back into it again.  Just like exercise.  I love walking and riding my bike, but when there are periods of rain and it is too wet to go outside, exercise seems to suffer.  I love creating when the weather is cooler.  It has gone into winter now, even though you would not think so.  It is rather warm for winter this year.  We still have not had the fire on yet.  It feels like spring outside.  But my urge to create has come back.  I was introduced by a friend to Jennibellie.  She has a free inspiration workshop at the moment on her ning site.  I started to watch the videos and have been very inspired by her to start creating again.  Just making simple backgrounds and art journal pages.  I love drawing but find this very time consuming.  It is not the thing I can just quickly do in between all my other daily chores.  At the moment I am looking for quick projects where I can have a bit of fun with paper and paints and stamps and inks etc.  Just to satisfy my creative urge.  I love to be surrounded by colours and pretty papers.

Here is my background page I did this morning as part of the Inspiration Station class.

What do you do when you have not been creating for a while?  What gets you inspired again to get out those paints and papers and pencils and stamps etc?
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day :-).


  1. Hi Angelique, Yey for you. I am so happy to see you creating again. Love the colours. Glad you are enjoying Jennibellie's ning site. Carolyn

  2. Carolyn, thank you so much for recommending me to her site. I am having so much fun watching the videos and being inspired again to create something every day.