Monday, November 18, 2013

Art Every Day Month, Day 18

I recently decided to start blogging more to make myself accountable for my commitment of wanting to create more often.  I like creating to be a way of life, rather then just a hobby I do in my spare time.
Up till now I would see creating as something I do in my spare time when all the chores and all the work is done.  With other words creating would come last on my to do list.  Lately I have decided to make creating a more important part of my life.  I notice that I feel great when I create.  It makes me feel calm and at peace.  It is like an active meditation.  In meditation we try to just be aware of one thing at a time and when our minds wanders bring it back to the one thing.  It might be a word or our breath or the awareness of how our body feels.  While creating our full awareness goes to our project in front of us.  I feel it is a great way to switch of from the world around us for a little while and go within.  Express ourselves through the media at hand.  They say we benefit most from meditation when we practice it regularly.  So I figured the same will apply for creating every day.  Then on the weekend I stumbled onto this blog: Creative Every Day where Leah runs: November is Art Every Day Month.  What a coincidence.  Even though it is already half way through November I decided to still give it a go for the remainder of the month.  And I am glad that she says we don't have to post every day, only when we get a chance.  As the idea is to bring more creativity into our lives not to feel overwhelmed or pressured.

Tonight I started another 13 x 13 page whilst cooking dinner at the same time.
Here is the start of the page:
I started with some spray ink which I had watered down, some stamping, washi tape and water colour crayons.

Then for the next layer:
Some more stamping, a bit more ink, and finally I had to stop after this as dinner was ready:

Added a bit of scrapbook paper and some paint.

When I work on these little 13 x 13 pages I often put them on top of a page of my bigger art journals.  That way when I use spray inks and stencils the extra spray will cover on the page in the art journal.  This then can be part of a background of a future page in my art journal.  The page below is the page that was under my project today and also under my project of my previous post.


  1. I completely agree with you that creating is like an active meditation. I meditate as often as I can and I find this creating has a similar effect. Even if it is late before I get to something I find that my day seems fuller once I've created. I found Leah's site a few days before November and the timing was perfect. I am so glad that I am doing this. It's amazing how it has changed me and my life.

    I am very intrigued by your spray inks you mention. Never heard of them. I went to art school but did more metal work and photography which may be why...

    Love your work. It has a soft feel to it, harmonic.

    1. Thank you Moongirl. The spray inks are the Dylusions Ink Sprays. I think they are a fairly new product which I discovered last year in the scrapbooking and art journaling world. They are so versatile. The colours are very vibrant and beautiful. Here is a link to see what they look like:

  2. I also love the bits you get when you overspray. They make wonderful collage papers. In answer to your question (and thanks for stopping by), yes, I just add whatever I feel like to double sided tape and then trim.

    1. That is a fantastic idea, I will try it sometime

  3. Very pretty collage! Why not join Gritty Jane's 40 Portraits Challenge on Facebook?
    Here's the link

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my butterfly