Tuesday, October 29, 2013

13 x 13 Art Journal

I have decided I am going to create a 13 x 13cm little art journal.
I love creating but find I don't always know what to make or what journal to use for which creation.  I have lots of different journals.  Different sizes with different types of paper etc.  As I never know quite what I am going to make I always find it difficult to decide which journal to work in.
So this weekend I decided I am going to work on just loose pages and bind them into a journal later.
Most my journals are A5 or A4.
I love working on a larger page as it gives me the opportunity to work in more detail when for example I am drawing eyes.  But I find the big page also puts me off from doing just a quick page.  As I know the bigger pages are more work and take more time I tend to put off creating as I have so many other chores to do.
So I decided I am going to create a small 13 x 13cm journal.
Having only a small square to work on I like to challenge myself to create something more often.
I find it very relaxing to create.  I also don't want to put any expectations on myself of what I am going to create or how much time I spend on each 13 x 13 page.  Some days I might spend a few hours on a 13 x 13.  Other days just maybe 15 minutes.

Well  here are my first 2 pages:

I created this little angel on Sunday.  I just started with some journaling on the piece of card stock.  Then applied inks over the top.  Then pieces of scrapbook papers, some white paint.  Drew this little angel over the top and did some stamping.  This first page took me a while to do.  I found it difficult to draw eyes in such a small area.  I am used to drawing faces on pages of A5 and A4 and find I can put more detail in the eyes on the larger space.  So I found it quite a challenge to draw a face on this smaller size of card stock.  As I had used scrapbook paper for layering and part of the textured paper went through her face it made it also challenging to draw the eye in that area.

Today I created this one:

A quick 13 x 13 page.  I used watercolour paper.  Applied some inktense pencils.  Went over it with a water brush and then did some black writing over the top.  Doodled a line around the edge and a bit of stamping to finish off.  This one did not take too long for a working day, but gave me the joy to let my creative muse play for a couple of minutes before I had to get to work.

Hope I can keep up this challenge I have set for myself.


  1. Angelique, how wonderful to see your new blog! Your art is so inspiring, I'm really looking forward to see your future blogs.
    I love your Faery Princess, the eyes on your artworks are so instantly recognizable, so pretty, bright and full of life!

    1. Thank you Marta for your lovely comment. I am so glad we can support each other on our art journey. You are such a wonderful artist friend.